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Beyond Urban Agriculture

Food and the City: Feed your imagination
I’m an architect and urban designer working in Arup’s urbanism and landscape team in London. I’ve spent most of my career working on innovative solutions to the multiple spatial, social, economic and environmental challenges faced by cities today.

Cities not only have to provide affordable housing, education and employment, transport, energy, water and food for their citizens; they also have to make the transition to a more sustainable low-carbon economy and become more resilient to the consequences of climate change and disaster. In the course of helping tackle these issues, I’ve worked on masterplans for major projects such as Stratford City in London, helped Dublin to meet its future transport needs with a new underground railway, explored the potential of smart city development in Malaysia and China, and worked on a national food security programme. Of late, I have been focussing on how we can integrate food production with urban systems and how smart technology can create environmentally sound, enjoyable urban environments.
Eike Sindlinger
Leader Food and Agriculture
Eike is Arup’s global leader for Food and Agriculture Systems. He is passionate about accelerating the just transition to resilient and equitable food systems that provide healthy food for everyone and support the biosphere of a thriving planet. From his base in London, he is leading the development of new approaches to urban farming, decarbonising our food system, enhancing food resilience and making food the ultimate circular resource. By training an architect and urban designer, he was an advisor to a national food security programme in the middle east and developed several food and agriculture strategies for masterplans around. He is currently collaborating with UNEP and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) on food in circular neighbourhoods and scaling positive agriculture.
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