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Beyond Urban Agriculture

Choose your environment

Let’s look at what you can grow in your city:

Growing edible plants

With enough heat, light, and water, you can grow your own food plants. The seasonal conditions in your city define whether you have the natural environmental conditions to grow certain plants at different times of the year. Indoors, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) allows us to create any environmental condition we need to optimize growth, however CEA may require additional electric lighting which should ideally be supplied or offset through renewable energy to avoid adding to the carbon footprint of the urban farm.

Harlem Grown 

full shade

full sun

partial shade

low water use

medium water use

high water use




Other factors

Plant Data

Climate Data

Growing Profiles sourced from USDA PLANTS Database and the  European Commission Plants Database
Some plants require a lot of light, others less. We've mapped a plant's shade tolerance to each city's seasonal solar availability
Some plants require a lot of water, others less. We've mapped a plant's drought tolerance to the seasonal precipitation in each city.
Each plant prefers a certain temperature range. We've mapped a plant's minimum growing temperatures to each city's seasonal temperature ranges.
There are many other factors what will impact growth:
Growing Method (soil based, aeroponic, or hydroponic), Growing Media Type, Available Nutrients (fertilizers), Relative Humidity, and CO2 availability to name a few.

Climate Data sourced from

drought  tolerance
shade tolerance
minimum temperature


Indoor Data

solar availability
seasonal rainfall
average temperatures
artificial lighting is a function of intensity and wavelength

mechanical systems regulate and control temperature

watering systems range from hydroponic to aeroponic methods 

What factors determine growth?

While there are many factors that go into growing your own plants, the right environment is essential. How have we determined what you can grow in your city? We link plant growing conditions with climate data.

What can I grow: examples of edible plants 

A few samples of palatable plants whose growing conditions match your environment.


Indoor and Outdoor plant growths are greatly affected by several environmental factors such as light, water, temperature, humidity, and growing methods.
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